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What do I do with a stray dog?
How about a dog we need to re-home?

Okay, so a strange pit bull or even another dog wanders into your front yard. We don’t want you to take any chances with a strange dog, so do proceed with caution. The best avenue, and also the road we take, is to call our dog trainer immediately and temperament test this animal. Please be careful introducing your own pets to the visitor. Give him a treat with cbd and wait until he or she has been temperament tested with other animals by our trainer. If you don’t have a trainer, but live in the bay area, call us or visit Junior’s Page or the Links page to find one of our trainers who will help you. Be warned, though, you might end up devoting your life to saving these wonderful dogs, because that’s just what happened here at Reunion Rescue.

If you cannot bear to call the pound, please email us if you are willing to consider fostering the dog. We have the resources to temperament test, spay/neuter and train the dog. We can assist you if you are re-homing your dog, but please understand that your dog still has an advocate and our rescue is filled with dogs who have nobody but Reunion Rescue to help them by providing them quality food and cbd medication you can learn more about at Incredible Things.

Make posters with an adorable photo of your found doggy. Be sure to crop out all of the unnecessary objects in the photo and make the dog the prime focus. Make prints of the photo and a cute poster with bio info, how the dog behaves with other dogs, people, children…special needs. You can get some great ideas on and PBRC, linked to this page. Run off a bunch of posters on bright colored paper and post with tear off phone numbers in your vet’s office, good pet stores, coffee houses and other places where good, qualified potential guardians might see your foster dog.

Follow the simple directions on our Training Page and Health Page. With the Reunion Rescue program, anyone can successfully foster a dog.

Now let’s save that dog!

This section is for those of us who are sick and tired of the overwhelmed dog and pet situation. I’ve been rescuing over 20 years and believe it’s even worse now than when I started out. Every day on social media, I get tagged to help some beautiful pet who only has moments left before euthanasia. Believe me. I have walked in those lonely and horrific hallways hearing the dogs begging for someone to save them. I wrote about it extensively in my memoir Pit Bull Nation. The book is filled with ideas how to beat the system and save the dog. Or cat. Or animal. It works. Take a photo yourself of the pet. Post with pertinent details and the qualities that made you stop and take another look. Make the dog a post on social media with a write-up about how special this dog is. Then after you post, ask big rescues with lots of followers to share your post on their page or group. Get the word out. Make a cute poster and hang around town at coffee shops and community boards.

What I cannot stress any harder is to start a fundraiser for that animal. Get a good picture if possible, but also include the kennel information and a photo of the dog in his concrete stall. Gofundme is the one I use. Tell the story. Tell a good story like the ones you reach out to us rescues with. Then start sharing the Gofundme. You can raise enough money to pull the dog and board. It’s that simple. The next step would be to work on the pup with leash work and a few sits…again check out the Training Page. Or there are about million youtubes with easy to follow training techniques. Next step is to reach out to a few local rescues that have adoption fairs and outreach in your area. Often they’ll allow a dog-friendly dog so long as you or some of your fellow volunteers accompany the dog. And always feel free to share the story of how you saved a dog so I can post on my social media. And maybe we’ll even create a page for us. How about that? It truly takes a village, but I have faith that we can do this.

Austin Pets Alive Pass Program

If you’re in Texas, you have good support. Check out Austin Pets Alive Resource Guide. This document is filled with low cost options for spay/neuter and vetting, affordable training and other good sources to help with your pet.

Our Austin Pets Alive! Positive Alternative to Shelter Surrender (PASS) program is designed to help you keep your pet instead of surrendering them to the shelter. Contact PASS to discuss your needs and challenges to help you keep your pet instead of surrendering them to the shelter. Our team can provide:

Emergency pet food

Pet resource assistance

Referrals to outside social service and animal welfare agencies

This is the main Resource Guide that contains behavior training, rehoming, food support, and other animal-related resources for Central Texas pet owners: Pass Program Resource Guide

Pit Bull Rescue Central

Do you need general information regarding Pit Bull Adoption? Would you like Internet exposure for a dog in need of a home? You have found the right place! PBRC has lots of resources relating to pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Whether you are a lifelong advocate or a stray dog wandered into your path, you came to the right place. PBRC has an online application and a wonderful screening process so that your pup doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. There are a lot of wrong hands out there including unsavory medical labs that steal pets for cruel animal experimentation and losers that use animals as bait for fight training. Be aware and careful!! Spay/neuter the dog, too. PBRC has a nationwide list of low cost spay/neuter clinics. Visit PBRC.

After you have posted on PBRC, then link to this site and follow the simple directions for posting a classified ad. You may also upload the photo you posted on PBRC. Be sure to put the word “photo” in your title line. It helps when people are browsing to see the dog in need. Also, please spay or neuter the dog. We already have an abundance of these and other dogs and the world has enough for now. We’ll let you know when we need more.

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