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Reunion Rescue has been saving pit bulls for over 20 glorious years. We love these dogs and want to show the rest of the world how wonderful they are.


To reduce the number of unwanted pit bulls in America’s high kill shelters through a program of love, healthy feeding and positive training.

Company Overview

Reunion Rescue, home of the world’s friendliest pit bulls.


Reunion Rescue has a distinct plan which enables rescues to feed and treat their own dogs and cats.

  1. Detox Protocol/Lo to No Vaccinations

  2. Organic Free Range Raw Diet

  3. Homeopathic and Holistic Treatment

  4. Crate and Kong Training

  5. Lots and Lots of Lovin’

We don’t believe that everyone should own a pit bull, but through Reunion Rescue’s program, anyone can share their life with a pit bull.

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