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Start today by going to a reputable food market where only good, holistic meat is sold. You do not want to support factory farming or shop at a store where the highest care is not given in preparation. Cats and dogs need to eat raw meat as they used to in the wild. Just think what it will be like to not have to worry with rabies, fleas, heartworms, arthritis and other problems that a healthy animal simply does not have to face.

Your goal is simply to build your pet’s immune system by feeding him quality raw foods such as chicken wings, necks, backs or turkey necks and wings. A quality kibble with a couple of chicken wings or necks will help your dog begin the road to great health. Believe me, I have a ton of animals living here with me who thank me every day for just feeding them what they were meant to eat.

Google your region for a raw-feeding coop. This is the ideal resource for the conscientious pet owner. Raw-feeding coops can be found in most municipalities:

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