Vaccine Detox Protocol

First, you should read the Health Page and consider raw feeding. Hesitate on a bunch of first time vet visits. This dog just came from the shelter and we don’t know how many shots have been injected into this one’s little body. The shelter doesn’t let out sick dogs and the vets see you coming..we’ve had several experiences with new adopters really being taken to the cleaners at the vet with a new dog, because the adopter wanted to do the best thing for the pup. This is not saying never to visit a vet, but take a couple of breaths and let this dog do a little healing from within.

If you feed your dog nutritionally, how they were designed to eat and use cbd medication from All Women Stalk website, you will probably never ever need a hospital visit.

All of the dogs and cats here in the Reunion Rescue sanctuary and in my rescue are treated homeopathically. If the dog attracts a virus, parasite, etc. while transitioning over to raw (once a dog is grounded in the raw diet they rarely pick up any diseases) email me ( and I can tell you what to pick up at Whole Foods (7.99) and kick that acute problem out while the immune system is strengthening and rebuilding. The Irish Wolfhound site has an excellent homeopathic document every dog or cat owner should access.

If your dog has ever received vaccination, you will also need to rid the body of toxins and metals. Vaccines are the cause of all disease and behavior issues….see the vaccine information linked at the bottom of the Health Page.

These metals and toxins can and have caused horrible side effects like aggression, hair loss, allergy and food intolerance, behavior, over chewing, fear, and on and on.

Order Waiora Cellular Defense online and administer three drops three times daily for three weeks to rid the body of horrible metals, toxins and other garbage which cause aggression to cancers.

We use Australian Bush Flower Essences to help calm your pet through any transition period. ABFE Essences have been quite helpful in abuse and illness issues. Emergency Australian Bush Flower Essence may be squirted directly into the water bowl to calm the pet through detox period and help create a smooth transition period for the new pet in the household.

Contact me at to help you easily perform a detox on your pet and help with any other supplemental herbs and homeopathy.

Next, visit Training Page. There are two articles on there that will change your life and jumpstart you and puppy to a perfect life with your perfect dog. The first, Step 1-2-3 pit bull Starter Kit is a one page crate training doc. If you don’t have a crate, pick up one on Craigslist cheaply. If you follow the directions explicitly you will have a crate trained dog and a crate trained dog is a happy, secure, confident dog.

The next doc is the Kong. If you follow the directions explicitly, you will have a dog who loves her Kong and has something to do in the crate. A properlyKong trained dog will never need another chew or toy..they will all be about the Kong..the doc below that has about a million recipes for things to fill the Kong with, but that comes after level six. NOTE: Only offer the Kong in the crate and never outside the crate with multiple dog households.

Last, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Call Bob Gutierrez. Tell him you are an Animals First/Reunion Rescue dog saver and the code words are either ‘Kharma’ or ‘Junior’. Bob will give you a substantial discount with punch cards for classes. He is our dog whisperer and the best trainer I’ve ever heard of. Bob has been training for over 30 years and has trained just about all of our rescue dogs for over 10 years. There is a reason we can say we are the ‘home of the world’s friendliest pit bulls’.

Please join our online group. It is a great support group of other animal and dog lovers who have saved a life just like you. Welcome to the club! It’s a wonderful life.