Dog Intro – Cat Household

Here’s what I suggest to intro a new dog into a cat home…

I suggest there be a safe room for kitties…the ideal is to attach a slip lock to the safe room door in which the opening is only enough for the cat to get through the door. This way, the household cat always has a safe place to go.

Put Emergency ABFE (see Nutrition Page) into the water supply every day for both cats and dogs.

Place a towel over the dog’s bedding and one over the cat’s bed as well. Switch out the bedding each night so that the pets can become accustomed to one another’s smells.

Supervised eating with a baby gate is always a good plan as feeding time is an important training time.

During the first few days, have the new dog drag his leash around. If he gets a bit too curious, a quick reminder with the leash keeps everybody honest. A handy squirt bottle is always a good precaution as well.