Rosie1992 – 2005

I met Rosie at a very sad time in my life. I had just lost my best friend Sati to cancer. I had been calling around to rescues looking for a friend when I recieved a picture of this beautiful 4yr. old blonde with a white star on her chest. She had been found running the streets of Richmond and saved from the kill shelter there. I just had to foster her. At first, it was a little strange. This little dog was so independent she probably could have fed herself. She didn’t like to cuddle much or like to be smooched on, but she would endure it. After about a month I new she would never leave. She had such a quiet strong presense. She never made noise, but you always knew she was there. She was my little Rosiegirl, my Bunny, my Babydoll. She loved to swim. We had a pool in Calif. and this dog would lay in the sun then jump in the water. She would repeat this little ritual all day. We would go camping in Big Sur where she would climb the cliffs and romp in the surf. She didn’t like other dogs. A total Alpha female so we did just about everything together and I was happy to spend as much time as possible with her. She was such a clown playing with her squeeky pink ‘Old Navy’ bone then dropping it at my feet and stealing it away when I would reach for it. Even though she wasn’t very affectionate she loved her belly rubs. She would stay on her back as long as I would rub her. You were such a blessing to me. You will always be my Babygirl. I miss you!