Johnny Pants

Johnny Pants was a very special cat.  I attached a photo of him.  He’s the one on the left. Stormy Back Camerais on the right.  I would like to share Johnny’ memory.

After bringing Johnny Walker Texas Ranger (Johnny Pants for short) home from Pet Smart as a kitten, he was only with us for two short years.

Johnny Pants was extremely adventurous and always getting into some sort of trouble, and never missed an opportunity to play with Stormy and his brother Bentley.

Johnny came to us with respiratory problems and lots of food allergies with tummy issues that followed that.  I can’t even begin to tell you what we went through trying to get his system regulated.

We lost Johnny Pants last year while at a vet appointment.  He had a bad reaction to the anastasia and never woke up.  Even with all of his health issues, Johnny was a happy happy kitty and made a huge impact on our family’s life.  Anyone that met Johnny Pants never forgot him.

He is missed tremendously.