Hope was from Bakersfield, California. She was a loving, big red Rottie mix who belonged to a family with children she cared deeply for. When the family fell on hard times, they left Hope abandoned at the foreclosed home. Hope waited there for them to return for weeks, but they never came for her.

Some wonderful ladies took pity on Hope and contacted Reunion Rescue. We brought Hope up to the bay area and she was fostered for a bit until she met the true love of her life, Pam. Pam adopted Hope and gave her the most cherished life a dog, or even most humans, could ever dream of.

Pam lost Hope to MRSA in June. Pam wrote, “Today Hope lost her battle with two very painful and septic Staph (MRSA) infections in her back leg… she was brave and courageous to the very end.  I have never known a sweeter, more loving dog who seemed to be more worried about me than herself during this painful time. I will never forget her, for she captured my heart, made me laugh and soothed my pain…..

Hope was “One Of A Kind”!!!!!! She can now romp freely with all four Good legs in Doggie Heaven
HOPE ON HALLOWEENwith her brother Mac!!!!”I know they will be waiting for me at the end of the “Rainbow Bridge”!

Goodbye my Sweet Hope….. my Lovely Lady!!!!! I loved Hope with all my heart and tried desperately to keep her healthy!!!! Last year I took her to the beach for a week to celebrate my 65th birthday…. she had a ball running in the sand and checking out the waves… I’m SO glad I had this special time with her as I had no clue she would be gone so soon!!! Her last four 1/2 years we were together everyday; going for walks, long rides and many lazy days at the park… She was adored by all my friends, neighbors and family!!!! Hope was truly a SPECIAL ANGEL sent to me from GOD.”

God bless you, Pam, for giving Hope the most wonderful home she could have ever dreamed of. God bless Hope who must be sitting at the very right hand of her creator.