FrenchieAs of March 17th 2009 Frenchie was put to rest. After a long struggle with Lymphoma cancer it was her time. She will always be missed. Frenchie was one of the best dogs I’ve had. She loved people and loved life. She was with me through alot of good and bad times. She kept it real through everything. I will always love her and keep a special place for her in my heart. Frenchie RIP and remeber all dogs go to heaven. And you will always be missed. Well lets see my names frenchie. I was almost killed at ACC but i was saved by Cindy from Reunion Rescue. She gave me my great name. I now live with alan. He’s a great owner i couldnt ask for better. Other than that i like sleeping mostly, chewing on bones, rollerblading, going to the beach, alot of other stuff too. I like playing with dogs but im very peticular about who they are. So if your ever in san francisco come see if you can hang with me and my dogs.

Frenchie was saved by Alan and loved more than life. When Alan met Frenchie that first day, he discovered she knew how to do so many tricks, including roll over…she was a beautiful clown. She would have been put to sleep without anyone ever knowing how smart she was had Alan not discovered her and given her a wonderful incredible loving home.

Vive la Frenchwoman….toujours et pour jamais…..

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