By becoming a Waiora distributor, you can accomplish two things.

  1. You can cheaply heal your dog or cat rescue animals by removing the toxins and metals injected through vaccinations.
  2. You can begin to show a $$ profit which can be redirected into your rescue organization and save more animals.

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Or click this link and follow the prompts to sign up as a basic member:

Join Waiora as $29.95 distributor >

The alternative option would be to gather together and create a large bulk order. Rather than the $42 per bottle distributor price, bulk rates lower to approximately $36 per bottle.

One bottle will detox three animals…$12 per animal is pretty cheap.

We are addressing behavior, disease, skin allergy and multiple other issues with huge success by detoxing every animal we pull.

We cannot change the system which insists on over-vaccinating, but we can do the next best thing which is remove the mercury, lead, anti-freeze, rabies, formaldehyde and other toxicicity being injected into these animals.