Vectren Net Metering Agreement

The 100 MW and 400 MWh battery power storage system in Ventura County, the Ventura Energy Storage project, has completed construction and is ready to be built. The project developed by Strata Solar has awarded Tesla an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract and is expected to begin construction in July 2020. The project is part of a 20-year power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison, as it was the largest project requested to submit proposals in the company`s latest application. Source: Strata Solar “GoGreen Indiana” is a Duke Energy program that last received IURC approval in 2017, as part of an agreement between the distribution company and the OUCC. Indiana law allows Vectren to make such an application before 2022, when the net measure for new solar installations ends. However, to date, none of Indiana`s utilities have submitted such a request for a technical conference in 2017: on August 9, 2017, the Commission approved a general administrative order, GAO 2017-2, Guidance regarding Indiana Code 8-1-40-14 and Commission Rules. The GAO was released following a technical conference in July 2017 to address questions and concerns about the implementation of the new Chapter 8-1-40 of the Indiana Code (Senate Enrolled Act 309) on network measurement and distributed production, particularly on December 31, 2017, the deadline for determining the 30-year-old grandfather. The GAO 2017-2 timeline, which describes the basic steps and maximum schedules in the login rule for Levels 1 and 2 ratings, is below. 2019 Briefing: The Commission held an information cooperation meeting on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. .m at the IURC Judicial Courtroom 222 of 101 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indianapolis. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss and obtain information on availability and reserved capacity for new net meter customers, as defined in the statutes, in particular code 8-1-40-10 and code 8-1-40-12, as well as the availability of regular updates for each investor-owned electricity supplier with respect to its status in filling the reserved and unre reserved amounts, in accordance with the law. For more information on the information cooperation meeting, click here.

In addition, the Commission is finalizing a net annual evaluation report. The 2016 report is available here and the final years of the report are available here under “Industrial Reports and National Issues.” NIPSCO operates 2 hydroelectric plants in northern Indiana and has obtained IURC approval to track up to 100 MW in power achanification contracts with wind farms in Iowa and South Dakota. @Edward Dijeau: their measure of the grid and the GMP and many other electricity suppliers throughout the country is half the truth to which they cling, which creates quarrels between neighbors, all of whom would have pv on their roofs, if not for the keilargument imposed on the public by the commercial practices of the distribution company. “Lost Income” Cases are authorized by the CPUC when companies such as PG-E lose revenue because they do not sell as much electricity as they used to be.