Section 220 Agreement Highways Act

A rebalanced amount should not be a one-time payment and may, in agreement with the competent authority, constitute a number of payments and include issues other than maintaining service, such as planned and unscheduled inspections, repairs and asset transfers. In this context, a road is considered private, unless it is adopted as a public highway or subject to a legal agreement to make it passable at public expense. This section contains additional information. The Somerset Technical Advice Notes replaces most of the content in our “Red Book,” which is still relevant but needs to be updated. When the technical guidelines are completed, we will read the “Red Book” and other guidelines. If there is a lag between the “Red Book” and the new technical notes, then Somerset`s new technical notes are a priority. Information for owners and home sellers on the construction of new highways and residential roads Other clauses are generally included in the agreement, such as: a Section 38 agreement is a legal document whose signatories are normally the County Council, the housing agency and a guarantor. The terms of the agreement set out the standards on which we must build the new road. Exceptions (Section 38 Convention) There are certain exceptions to the exploitation of the code of favour, one of which is an agreement under Section 38 of Highways Act 219 (4)) d. We recommend that developers enter into an agreement under this section as an alternative to depositing money in accordance with Section 219. Somerset`s highway facilities and infrastructure, provided by the developers, are permanently transferred to Somerset County Council as a motorway authority; by legal provisions guaranteeing “adoption,” with the motorway authority then assuming responsibility for future maintenance and maintenance at public expense. These assets would generally consist of pavements, sidewalks, drainage systems, traffic lights, bridges, dead ends and lighting systems, and the acceptance of these assets would place an additional financial burden on the Authority for their management and maintenance. What is the legislation under which commuter payments are charged? Road authorities may agree to adopt new roads and improve existing roads by entering into agreements with developers in accordance with Sections 38 and 278 of the Highways Act 1980.