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Austin, Texas Pet Stores

Tomlinson’s Feed
Austin’s Local Pet Store


San Francisco Raw Feeders

Animal Health and Wellbeing

Australian Bush Flower Essences – Southern Herb

The Vital Animal and Dr. Will Falconer

McDowell’s Herbal Treatments

Waiora Zeolite and Agrigold

Paw Healer Herbs for Dogs, Cats and Other Animals

Free Spirit Animal Care

The Body Code to Health/Emotion Code Work

Jayne Athey/Reiki Practitioner

Austin, Texas Animal Care

Lap of Love
Local Austin Area In-Home Euthanasia

Media, Blogs, Q & A

Pit Bulls and Other Animals

Just For Fun

Website: Bike Tow Leash
Facebook Page: Bike Tow Leash

Dog Training

Roman’s K9 Training
Austin, TX

Southpaws Playschool
Austin, TX

Angel Dogs Training
Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco

Dog Walkers/Boarding
Mighty Dog Walking

Animal Rights Law
Christine Garcia

Pit Bull Links

Pit Bull Rescue Central

California Pit Bull Links

Scooter’s Pals Rescue
Northern California

Big Dawgs Rescue
SF Bay Area, California

Rocket Dog Rescue
San Francisco, California

Texas Pit Bull Links

Love-A-Bull, Inc. Rescue
Austin, Texas

Don’t Bully Me Rescue
Lago Vista, Texas

Grateful Pets Rescue
Georgetown, Texas

Dogtown Ranch and Sanctuary
Elgin, Texas

Mariah’s Promise
Blanco, Texas

Bully Beds Rescue
Midland, Texas

The Panhandle Bullies of Amarillo
Amarillo, Texas

San Francisco Pet Store Links 

Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Food

Pawtrero Hill Bathhouse and Feed Co. Ltd.