Hold Harmless Agreement Airbnb

LEASE KILLERS and OWNER agree to try in good faith to resolve the dispute through voluntary mediation before resorting to legal or arbitration proceedings. In the event of a dispute between the parties over the terms of this agreement, this dispute is resolved on the terms of the agreement. OWNER undertakes to provide LEASE KILLERS, its affiliates, representatives, directors, directors, executives, employees and all of these staff (“compensation”) to and against all claims, Commitments, damages, losses and expenses, including, but not limited, to the enforceable legal and accounting costs incurred by LEASE KILLERS resulting from the result of some sort of non-responsibility: You understand that swimming, walking and using kayaks are done at your own risk and that special risks may be related to swimming, hiking and kayaking. You take full responsibility for all personal injuries resulting from swimming, walking and kayaking and keep the owner unscathed. You understand that there are potential dangers that swimming, walking and kayaking can pose to children who are not carefully monitored, as well as the danger to anyone who swims, walks or uses kayaks when a person is at risk, or when a person swims, walks or uses kayaks while intoxicated or uses drugs or medication or while pregnant. You agree to be fully responsible for any accidents you may cause. You understand the risks described above and agree that you assume all responsibilities to yourself and to the consequences of hereditary risks within your party. You agree to waive any claim against the owner due to accidents or claims arising from swimming, hiking or kayaking. All Airbnb customers within my party recognize and accept that they have read and understood this waiver, and they recognize that the following confirmation is a binding and enforceable contract between Airbnb customers and Airbnb Host. These host guarantee terms are the complete and exclusive understanding and agreement between Airbnb and you regarding the Airbnb host guarantee and these host warranty terms and replace all previous written or written agreements or agreements between you and Airbnb host warranty.

You agree that, if you or anyone on your behalf, despite this hospitality authorization and a waiver of the host, you assert a right to an experience and/or a trip, that you retain free from any liability, debt, loss, damage or cost borne by the host as a result of such a right. Owner hereshes that LEASE KILLERS manages the property stated in the above paragraph as a short-term rental through online rental services.