Group Agreements For Trainings

4. Passport law – supports people who do not want to talk in a group without asking them to explain themselves. Don`t reinterpret what people offer. If you are helping with the formulation process, make sure the group is always happy once the words are written! There are many ways to create a group agreement. To decide on the best method, you need to consider the length of the workshop and whether the team will work long (for example. B project teams), if the topic is controversial and leads to disagreements and mixed opinions, how much time you have and whether you need to work with a new group and develop some form of trust or relationship with the team. Trust the group! After all, these agreements are for them. Anything proposed will add important content to the conversation that will reveal the needs and characters of the people in the group. Group agreements, sometimes as group norms, sometimes as group expectations and others (although less desirable, as I write below) that group rules help to establish a normative culture. It is a culture in which young people begin to develop a sense of respect, trust and, hopefully, vulnerable people. This type of normative culture is therapeutic in nature and benefits young people in traditional classrooms or clinical groups. If they succeed (and it also has a lot to do with the young people in the groups, not just with them as intermediaries who do group contracts, that is, who cut themselves a little easily if you try to do so and that it does not lead to a very confident and cohesive group), there is the potential to offer the young people you work with a very transformative experience. Let us remember, for example, that in mainstream society, right now, we are encouraging our young men to be anti-emotional (minus anger) and that our young women place superficial beauty above inner personal qualities.

Creating a culture of trust and friendliness could reduce this type of conditioning. And again (sorry for the lack of balance sheet, but I repeat for the accent), this could benefit the youth in all from a single group of gender therapy to a mixed class of gender social studies in a high school. If you have the luxury, it is best to represent these agreements at your first group meeting.