G Cloud Agreement

Cloud computing has significantly changed the way information systems can be made available. In this context, the UK government has launched the G-Cloud work programme to provide computing features (basic resources such as storage and processing to full-fledged applications) with cloud computing. [8] To help us improve, you must complete the client benefits form when you enter into an appeal agreement. G-Cloud has framework agreements with a large number of service providers; and lists these services on a public portal known as the Digital Marketplace. Public sector organisations may revoke the services listed in the digital marketplace without the need for a full tendering process. The Digital Marketplace Buyer Guide and the Framework Agreement outline four types of criteria you can choose when evaluating information providers under M.E.A.T.: We are proud to be included in the UK government`s trustworthy G-Cloud 12 framework and will offer cloud solutions for the three available lots: hosting, software and support. The G-Cloud initiative aims to help the UK government acquire cloud computing services. Companies that have a place on the framework will have been subject to rigorous reviews and will have to demonstrate the highest safety standards. If you would like to see our spending data for this agreement, take a look at our online dashboard. For more information, E-Mail-cloud_digital@crowncommercial.gov.uk. All documents, including the Call and Guidance Agreement, Schedules and Supplier The UK Government G-Cloud is an initiative to facilitate the acquisition of raw material information technology services by utilities in UK government departments using cloud computing. [1] The G-Cloud is composed of: Digital Marketplace has the list of vendors constantly updated in this agreement.

Suppliers define the service they offer under the framework agreement and these details are made available in the Digital Marketplace. These details include. B Business Impact Level[24] (z.B. IL2) for whom the service is accredited, and how users will be on board and off the card. In particular, the obligation to allow users to leave the service (off-board) if they wish to switch to another provider of the same service. G-Cloud has appealed several calls for contracts to define framework agreements. 27/03/2020 – Update – Due to the current COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we are asking Regulation 72 (1) c) to extend this agreement for up to 9 months from the initial end date of July 1, 2020. This will reduce pressure on the supply chain, while it will be rare to help businesses continue to provide services and goods to customers. We intend to conclude replacement agreements as soon as possible after the first COVID 19 effect.

The agreement lasts 12 months. We can extend the agreement up to a maximum of 12 months when the original agreement expires. The service began in 2012 and has made several tenders for contracts. [2] As of May 2013, there were more than 700 suppliers, more than 80% of whom were small and medium-sized enterprises. [3] In April 2013, sales were $18.2 million ($27.7 million). [4] With the introduction of the Cloud First Directive in the UK in May 2013 [5], revenue continued to grow to more than $50 million in February 2014. [6] These services are based on the purchase of approximately 1,200 providers and 13,000 services, including cloud and specialized (professional) services as of November 2013. [7] This batch is available for applications that are generally accessible via a public or private network, for example.B.