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These courses are delivered through the Red Cross Learning Centre or on redcross.org. Provisional certification will be available at the Red Cross Learning Centre or on this site in the “Find My Certification” section. To achieve your organization`s health and safety training goals in the most effective way, you are signing an Agreement on Approved Suppliers (AP) with the American Red Cross today. We have now developed a number of options that offer you maximum flexibility while keeping security on track. Yes, APS can perform any training for which they are certified by American Red Cross. Some of the programs that licensed providers can offer are Emergency Oxygen Management, Adult CPR, Aquatics, Asthma Inhaler Training, Automated External Defibrillation (AED), Babysitter Training, Basic Life Support (BLS), Bloodborne Pathogens Training, Epinephrine Auto-Injector, First Aid, Infant – Child CPR, Learn to Swim and Lifeguard. We value your privacy and never pass on your data (Privacy Policy) Red Cross training revenue supports the Red Cross` vital mission – this new format offers the flexibility you need to train. New and rectifying students can complete the online portion of this mixed learning course and obtain provisional certification. Learners have 90 days to complete the qualification session in order to obtain their 2-year Red Cross certification. First aid/CPR/AED certification meets OSHA requirements. Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is also valid for two years.

Start-up costs are low and certification fees per person are low for each person trained with Red Cross course materials. Fees vary by class and are described in our resource portal for course principals and APAs. . New and rectifying clients complete the mixed part of their class and receive a provisional certificate that gives the student 90 days to participate in the skills session led by a course director. After successfully completing the competency test, the student obtains his 2-year Red Cross certification. . Yes, yes. All Red Cross classes and products are based on data and data to ensure that your business requirements meet all OSHA requirements. This affiliation can be beneficial for various organizations such as businesses, child care, clubs and community groups, colleges and universities, federal, regional and local authorities, fire and rescue services, people wishing to offer Red Cross courses in their communities, recreational facilities, including swimming pools, religious organizations and schools, camps or other organizations working with youth. . Any questions? Don`t hesitate to call us. 1-888-304-6409Mon – Fr 9.00-17.00 ET including disaster relief, blood samples and services to the armed forces.

To start, call 1-888-304-6409 or fill out the form below today! As a licensed provider, your company or organization will benefit from the comfort that your own employees will be certified Red Cross instructors to provide our high quality first aid training, CPR and more. Employees of your company or members of your organization can train on your site, discreetly and comfortably. We have modified our courses to reflect social advice on renunciation. It`s very simple. Simply fill out the application form or call 1-888-304-6409 and a training specialist will give you the start. An Accredited Supplier (AP) is a company or organization that has its own certified Red Cross instructor, who trains collaborators or members within its own organization. A licensed training provider (LTP) is an independent company that trains others and calculates its students for training. For more information on the Provisional Certification of the Red Cross, visit our FAQs.

The transition is free and efficient. Remember that to teach every American Red Cross course, you must first be linked