Airline Agreements Transfer Baggage

As carry-on baggage, passengers can only carry a piece of luggage no more than 5 kg and the dimensions do not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm. Hand luggage is included in the luggage. It`s going to sound very esoteric and unimportant. However, as more and more consumers opt to purchase airline tickets online, it is increasingly necessary to understand some of the rules relating to interbank agreements between airlines. These agreements govern how airlines transfer or divert your baggage from one airline to another during your trip. After the end of your Southwest flight, you must pick up your bag at the baggage locker and check in Hawaii for the next part of your trip. I logged on to the Malaysian and they told me that the airport staff could check the luggage, but that they didn`t have to. So, no useful answer from the airline My question is whether the people in this forum have made it happen to the airlines to respect (or not honor) the interline agreements on separate tickets. Not to be snarky, but I would like people to read the question before adding an unsypable answer. I usually use the same airline in the past and it is transmitted, but as they are different, I wonder if it would be important? Baggage with items or sharp or protruded baggage in a damaged package is not accepted for transport. The packaging of luggage left in luggage must ensure the safety of the contents of the luggage during handling and transport. I appreciate everyone who tries to help, and I didn`t want to sound like screams.

I really understand the risks of separate tickets and I`ve discovered that it`s probably a crappy shoot if the airline is going to do it. For me. I was just hoping that someone had real experience with this, not just assumptions or clues about me to read information I`ve already read and digested. The passenger is responsible for the transport of baggage prohibited for transport or handed over for transport in violation of the requirements and conditions of transport provided by these rules. Excess, heavy and oversized baggage will only be allowed for transport if the available capacity on the aircraft is available and the passenger must pay for the transport of the baggage. If you are travelling from KL with Air Asia to Langkawi, you must pass from the main airport to the LCCT, the other side of the airport, about 20 km from the road. The airline (authorized agent, charterer) informs the passenger of the free baggage limits set for transport, as well as the need to pay for overbought baggage. This is not the case if the two airlines you fly have an Interline baggage agreement.