Agreement With A Minor Is

You can enter into a contract with anyone you want. And most contracts work well with no recourse required. But if something happens and a party violates (violates) the contract, only a valid contract can be brought to justice and decided (negotiated). The parents of a minor are not liable for contracts concluded by the minor solely because they are the parents of the minor. However, where a minor enters into a contract and a parent or other adult signs as a co-signer with the minor, the parent or any other adult may be held liable. For example, if smith, who is a minor, buys a car from Jones Auto and Smith`s father signs the loan documents with Smith, Smith`s father can be held responsible for the loan, even if Smith tries to circumvent the contract. You may not be able to impose a contract on a borrowed card unless you have been able to prove that it was a contract term that the person was over 18 years old. The sale of goods on a stolen card would be a priori out of the question. In addition, a contract with a minor is questionable. This means that he or she may terminate at any time before the age of 18 and for a reasonable period after that date. It is not necessary for him or her to have a legitimate reason to do so, it may occur on a whim or whether it may be beneficial for the child to do so. A minor can terminate a contract (it is called “disaffirming” or “cancellation” of the contract).

Of course, he has to return the money or face a criminal complaint. .