Agreement Is In Italiano

I have to tell you that if this is forced into a referendum, we will not be able to respect our approval. Another aspect to highlight is the development of cross-border agreements between companies operating in different countries. The extensions are granted after consultation with the technical department responsible for the execution of the tests. Concerted agreements and practices cannot be implemented during this three-month period. Such a trilogue is not included in the inter-institutional agreement, it is said. Huh! The lack of response from the institution, institution, Office or Agency within one month is considered an agreement. Many countries have signed an agreement on nuclear disarmament. Meetings are convened by the appropriate secretary, in agreement with the president. Reference harmonization has also been counterproductive to improving the diagnostic threshold method agreement. Two copies of the current agreement were printed and signed by both parties. All conditions that are part of this authorization must be included in the rental agreement. I welcome the spirit of agreement that permeates the amendments tabled in Parliament.

Unity is only possible if there is unanimity in thought and action. It requires people to increase their commitment to living in accordance with God`s will. These agreements did not replace the terms and conditions, but simply supplemented them. The OECD agreement should be the framework for the future regulation of our aid. Scientists have found a good fit between modeled changes in the glacial river and observations. We cannot approve or reject the agreement, of course, after giving it the necessary thought. The Clerk immediately notifies all parties involved of the special agreement or request. The agreement has been incorporated into the collection of administrative agreements. This will depend in particular on agreements or other agreements that require these institutional investors.

In addition, any restrictive covenant contained in a pool agreement must reasonably be necessary to achieve the alleged efficiency gains. Flexibility coefficient taken into account by an agreement between the vehicle and the electricity measurement infrastructure If a political solution is found, the accession agreement will reflect the agreement reached. . Se si raggiungeré una soluzione politica l`accordo di adesione rifletteré l`accordo raggiunto. Protect and protect classified information provided or exchanged by the other party under this agreement from unauthorized disclosure, loss or guarantee of compromise; Paradossalmente, l`armonizzazione mediante sieri di riferimento ha determinato una peggiore concordanza dei valori in relazione alla soglia diagnostica. Richiede che gli uomini aumentino il loro impegno a vivere in conformity al volere di Dio. Se l`istituzione, l`organo o l`organismo non risponde entro un mese, si ritiene abbia dato il proprio consenso. Gli scienziati hanno trovato una buona corrispondenza tra i cambiamenti modellati nel flusso del ghiacciaio e le osservazioni. Gli accordi e le pratiche concordate non possono essere applicati durante detto periodo di tre mesi.

invited the party non firmatarie dell`accordo di pace per il Darfur a firmarlo e a impegnarsi ad attuarlo .