Agreement Essay Example

It is always good to give examples in your bodily gifts, even if you are not invited to do so. In our case, the task invites you to give relevant examples: Hello Liz, thank you for all the tips and test examples. They really help us get better results on IELTS. In short, I practiced this dissertation before reading the example, and I wrote it differently. So I want to know your opinion on how I wrote it. Sometimes there are questions that don`t fit easily into a particular category like above. You can see some iELTS examples for these: This lesson shows you how to write essays in IELTS Writing in which you are asked to what extent you agree or disagree. These questions are very common in the context of IELTS Writing Task 2. In such essays, it is up to you to say if you: to illustrate this, I will discuss the third of these examples. The argument put forward is that companies should be forced to assign some of their leadership roles to women, since more than half of the Western workforce is female.

It agreed that companies should be required to allocate a significant percentage of high-level positions to women. In this article, it is discussed, first, that women should receive an equal amount of money when they do the same work as a man and, second, the fact that girls currently surpass boys in many university courses; followed by a reasoned conclusion. Young people prefer to listen to music rather than listen to the news on the radio. Is this a positive or negative trend? Give reasons and examples of your opinion. Examples of data from sources are certainly not necessary. You can explain and illustrate your ideas in any way you want. The indication of the source of information is a waste of time in IELTS, because a) it is written as a learned expression that does not help your language score b) that the examiner does not mark data in task 2, so it does not help your score. You decide how to explain your main ideas. You can see that most of my essays don`t have sample data. Now we have to write our thesis.

This is our opinion in one sentence. This trial will be in line with the above and will therefore look like this: despite years of so-called “equality” for women in the workplace, they remain underpaid. Many women who do exactly the same work as their male colleagues make less money, and that`s unfair. For example, a recent survey of audit firms and lawyers in the UK showed that women earn on average 17% less than men in identical roles. However, this may be due to the fact that women take maternity leave and lag behind their male colleagues. We should now consider an example to support our position. Think about the latest news, studies or announcements…